Victorious Birth e-course

4 Modules

Victorious Birth Masterclass

Stefanie teams up with Jenny Donnelly of Tetelestai Ministries for a powerful e-course designed to equip women for a labor, birth and postpartum experience filled with God’s presence and power. They discuss many topics including preparing for labor and birth, overcoming fear about birth, what to expect during labor and birth, cultivating a victorious mindset about labor and birth, and labor coping techniques. Unlike most e-courses about labor and birth, this e-course also includes a targeted session on how to navigate the postpartum season. Stefanie provides encouragement, support and resources to help mothers thrive in mind, body and spirit while they are postpartum.

Peace-filled Postpartum e-course

6 Modules

Learn How to Navigate Postpartum with Peace and Enjoyment

Stefanie will guide you through her PEACE method approach for postpartum which is designed to give women the preparation, support and tools they need for a postpartum season filled with peace and joy. The PEACE method reviews 5 key areas mothers will want to address so that they flourish during postpartum: P- practical needs and support system, E- emotional wellness, A- abundance through spiritual principles and God’s presence, C- confidence in your unique way of mothering and E- expectations that are life-giving and full of grace. This e-course will empower you to trade our culture’s negative narratives about postpartum for a season of thriving, feeling more empowered and experiencing more peace through God’s presence.