Clarity Call

30-Minute Session


Interested in working with Stefanie?

Schedule a free session to discuss how PEACE Method Coaching can help you transform your postpartum experience.

Postpartum Check-In

1-Hour Session


Spend an hour with Stefanie where you’ll have the opportunity to ask questions, come up with a plan for success during pregnancy or postpartum, troubleshoot challenges and receive encouragement.

Topics can include but are not limited to:

Postpartum care and recovery

Postpartum meal planning

Postpartum mood concerns

Postpartum hormone balance

Developing stress resilience during postpartum

Postpartum nutrient replenishment

General breastfeeding questions

General newborn and infant care

Postpartum body image

Movement/exercise safe for postpartum abdominal muscle separation

Processing birth story

Sleep support

Developing healthy mindsets grounded in God’s truth

Growing in confidence as a new mom

Self-care and routines

How to invest in your relationship with God during postpartum

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PEACE Method Coaching

6 Sessions


Are you ready to experience a more peaceful, redemptive and joy-filled postpartum?

Receive personalized coaching through Stefanie’s PEACE Method framework in preparation for your postpartum.

The PEACE Method is a holistic strategy designed to address practical needs, wise preparation and mindset/spiritual principles so that you can experience a postpartum season filled with peace, redemption and partnering with God’s presence.

By the end of the coaching sessions, you’ll have a PEACE plan created by you and Stefanie  while working together. You’ll be able to reference this guidance as you navigate your postpartum.

Session Breakdown

Sessions will be 1 hour each and occur every 2 weeks for the duration of 3 months.

Schedule may be adjusted per individual needs.

Support Between Sessions

During your 3 month package, Stefanie will check in with you weekly via secure messaging between scheduled sessions to answer questions and offer additional guidance.